A few weeks ago, an old friend and past investor asked if I'd be interested in helping him create a logo for a company he's been building. He's getting some traction locally and wanting to give it a little more visiblity. I haven't actually worked on client work in years (the last time I invoiced anyone in Freshbooks was 2018), but thought it could be a fun weekend distraction and a way to help a friend. I decided to take the project on and this is the final result.

Cinco is an real estate investment org in Texas, primarily financing residential flips and working on their first large scale dvelopment project. The name "Cinco" came from the owner, sho has five members in their family. His family is from Mexico and they continue to speak the language. "Cinco" is spanish for five. It was important that a "5" was included in the design.

I've been trying to work on my sketching, so used this as an opportunity to draw a few ideas. These aren't the sexiest sketches, but they helped get my mind around different "5" variations without being slowed by pixels or colors. "5" sketches

After working through a few grayscale vector options, we decided to push forward with the round 5 badge that's shown in the final design. A few iterations of color and font, including a mockup of a real estate sign to help it feel more real...

Sign mockup

...we settled on the final result and variations shown here is this one-page guide.


I'm looking foroward to seeing it come to life over the next few years!