One of the reasons we moved our family to Oregon in 2015 was to have access to the mountains. We took the kids on a ski trip a few years earlier and loved it! Unfortunately, being in Central South Texas meant driving 18+ hours and spending thousands to get to the closest mountain. So when we made the move to Portland, we decided to spend a lot of time on Mount Hood, and thus a lot of mountain Airbnbs in the process.

Seven months ago, we decided to try our hand in the short term rental game, buying a property in the foothills of Mt Hood right next to the Mt Hood National Forest. After months of planning, learning, fully gutting and renovating the cabin, we finally listed it on Airbnb!

Website Our first snow in the cabin

Website Living room

This project challenged more than expected, but also allowed me to exercise organization, communication, and learning skills like never before. Planning was especially important because sequencing the renovation involved several vendors, contractors and involved months of lead time. Renovating the cabin provided not only additional experience, but a great appreciation for managing projects in a digital world.

Website Kitchen

Website Back deck

Once the hard part was done, and being someone who appreciates branding, I knew this cabin needed an identity. My goal was to create a mark that conveyed adventure and a sense of the outdoors that was simple and memorable. Lake below, mountain above. We have aspirations of owning another rental in the future, so the logo was designed with the idea that the type and colors could be modified to create a related, yet unique design for the next one.

Website Custom wood welcome book that sits in the entry way

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