I haven’t posted anything new on my site in a while. I told myself I would post at least once a week to keep my skills sharp, but this recent silence has been for good reason. You see, we’re currently in the golden era for front-end devs. Traditionally, front-end devs have been at the mercy of back-end devs to build anything of substance. Today we have tools like Netlify and Firebase and Vue and React and so on.

The future of the internet is yours, front-enders!!

(At least that’s what I keep reading.)

For me though, my world hasn’t changed much. CSS frameworks have advanced, moving from build your own to bootstrap and now tailwind. But I haven’t been able to experience the joy of building a “real” app from scratch. That’s because my front-end skills have always stopped at html and css. Actually, I’ve used JavaScript before, but mainly to make UI elements work... to show/hide a modal or to trigger a mobile menu, for example. And because of this limitation in my knowledge, I’ve never been able to build anything of substance without help. So I decided to change that by learning more about JavaScript, then Vue and Nuxt and anything else that created roadblocks in the process.

TLDR; it’s not something you can learn overnight. But it’s a heck of a lot of fun once you start to get a hang of the overall concepts. So I decided to put together a list of resources that I found to be the most helpful along the way.

Resources I've found helpful:

  • FreeCodeCamp - the best intro to JS that I found. They do a great job teaching you concepts in bite size chunks.
  • Grasshopper - a game-like mobile app from Google that teaches JS. I didn’t find this as rewarding as Free CodCamp since most questions are answered via multiple choice, but it was a fun way to see concepts learned elsewhere from a different angle. They also dove into color modeling and animations fairly quickly if that’s something you’re interested in.
  • Skillshare - had a ton of courses on JavaScript and Vue, including a really in depth series on Vue 2.0 from Chris Dixon that I enjoyed. He just released a course on Vue 3 as well.
  • YouTube/Vimeo - no intro needed here, other than to point out a couple of well done videos that helped me better understand concepts. Sarah Drasner does an amazing job breaking down Vue and showing that you can write a functioning app during a 45-minute live talk. And once you’ve started digging deeper into Vue, you’ll realize the importance of Vuex. Learn Vuex in 10 minutes provides you with a high level understanding of the (sometimes complicated) state management system.
  • Netlify community support forums - the Netlify community is first class and odds are you’ll find someone else has already run into the problem you’re having around Vue, Nuxt, node, Netlify or anything else... and it’s highly likely someone will have already solved it.
  • Vuex documentation - as mentioned above, you’re going to want to learn about Vuex as you dig into Vue. Their docs are about as straightforward as can be with some clear examples of when and how to use actions, mutations, and getters. (I’m admittedly still wrapping my head around each of these.)
  • VueSchool - This is a paid service with a single teacher, but it's worth the minimal cost. The lessons are clear, easy to digest and cover a ton of Vue related topics. When you start to feel comfortable with JS and want to dig into Vue and Nuxt, check out his Nuxt.js Fundamentals course.
  • LogRocket blog - I hadn't heard of LogRocket before this, but google continued to point me there. This blog post has been really helpful in understanding how Vue works with Firebase, for example. They do a great job showing how you would build a basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) app using both services.

Hopefully this is helpful as you go on your journey. If you have any other resources that could help others (and me), please share.

Happy coding/learning!