For the past several years, my wife, Catherine, and her business partner/friend have been providing consulting services for school districts. Spedagogy is a research-based practice to improve how providers deliver specially designed instruction and school-based therapeutic services. Using the Spedagogy model, providers are able to create annual plans by coordinating their available time with student assessments, intervention groups, required meetings, medicaid billing, and other daily tasks. Spedagogy partners with districts to make sure every child receives the education they deserve within a system that optimizes their most valuable resources: their staff.

This has traditionally be done through the use of complicated spreadsheets and a lot of know how from Catherine and her partner. Over the past year, they have been using those learnings to develop software around the concept. As a good husband does, I helped them develop the app and brand identity. We're working with ITCraft, the developer team that helped me build Brandstack in 2008. Spedagogy is being developed using Laravel and is slated for early provider testing by late November.

Optimizing flows based on the user-types (district admins, system admins, and providers) has been the biggesst challenge in this project. Here are a few screens viewed as a provider.

Spedagogy login

Spedagogy group set up

Spedagogy calendar set up

Spedagogy annual plan summary

Finally, here are a few additional logo variations for the brand, including potential app icons (if this thing eventually becomes a mobile app).

Spedagogy logo uses