In my younger years (aka early 2020), when I wanted to find I unique star design, whether it be a star with 7-points (Is that what you call them, points?) or stars with fatter points or stars that looked like sunshine, I scoured the internet. Not the most efficient process and to be honest, I usually spent even more time modifying what I found to fit my need. Since then, I've learned that Illustrator offers some simple ways to create unique stars all your own.

Here are a few of the tips and tricks I learned:

Changing the number of points in a star

Create your star using the star tool, but don't let go of your mouse button. While holding the button down, click up or down arrow keys to increase/decrease the number of points in your star. Then release your mouse to complete the star.

Changing number of points in a star in Illustrator

Outside of the traditional star look, what can you do with something like this? Can I interest you in a psychedelic star-like pattern? No? Ok.

Star with a lot of points

Changing the size of the points in a star

Similar to adding/removing points, you want to create the star and keep your mouse button held down. Then hold down the command ⌘ key and drag your mouse to change the size of the points. Release to create your star.

Changing the size of points in a star in Illustrator

Making a "perfect" star

Perfectly aligned star with perfectly spaced points is as easy as holding shift and option. Shift aligns the star and options adjusts the point sizing. Similar to the previous tips, don't let go of the mouse button until you're ready to create the star.

Creating a perfect in a star in Illustrator