Hi! 👋 I am Wes Wilson.

I'm an entrepreneur and designer driving business outcomes across product, web and marketing. I also occassionally dabble in front-end development.

Currently, I am Director of Product for the newly relaunched OpenInfra Foundation (previously OpenStack Foundation). We build communities who write open source software that runs in production, including OpenStack that powers some of the most critical infrastructure in the world (CERN, Walmart, Tencent, and Blizzard to name a few).

Previously, I founded a start-up (acquired 2011), was Director of Product at VentureLab, helped build ZippyKid (now Pressable), was a mentor for Techstars Cloud, and spent a few years as a freelance designer/developer.

Thoughts, designs & other stuff

NOTE: This is where I write about random technology, things I've created or anything silly that comes to mind. This is not a reflection of what I do at my "real" job, but might be a reflection of what I do on my "free" time.

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