I am Wes Wilson.

I am a versatile and strategic leader who excels at handling multiple responsibilities and roles. My track record demonstrates my ability to drive organizational success across various domains and contexts. I am committed to delivering excellence and adapting to changing needs and challenges in any endeavor.

As the VP of Operations for the OpenInfra Foundation (formerly OpenStack Foundation), I am responsible for overseeing daily operations and ensuring that our product strategy delivers value to our member organizations. I am the steward of the OpenInfra brand and work closely with our team to support communities that create open source solutions for focus areas such as cloud computing, edge, container security, and CI/CD. Our most notable project is OpenStack, which powers some of the world’s most critical infrastructure, including CERN, Walmart, Nike, Bloomberg, Blizzard, and more.

In my role as a leader in the open-source community, I have spearheaded several initiatives that have enhanced collaboration and innovation around open infrastructure. These include developing the OpenInfra Project Funds—a model for hosting and supporting open-source projects—and launching regional hubs OpenInfra Europe in Belgium and OpenInfra Asia in Singapore. These hubs serve as platforms for connecting and empowering local stakeholders.

Previously, I founded a start-up (acquired 2011), was Director of Product at VentureLab, helped build ZippyKid (now Pressable), was a mentor for Techstars Cloud, and spent a few years as a freelance consultant/designer.

I am always open to connecting with individuals who share similar interests and goals. If you would like to reach out, please feel free to email me.

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